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Blockchain Democracy

Miami’s Blockchain DemocracyDespite Florida’s rapidly growing population, the number of active voters is declining, especially among young Floridians. Tens of thousands of students march in protests against gun violence, yet their voices aren’t translating into votes. Why? They feel...

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On July 5th,  the president of the Government Blockchain Association in Miami and CEO of Logos Capital Silvio F. Pupo will be hosting a roundtable to brainstorm with elected officials and civic organizers to understand the challenges and opportunities that exist to improve our most fundamental...

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Prepare today for a safer tomorrow

In the wake of recent school tragedies, natural disasters, and civil unrest, be sure you are prepared in advance of an emergency and able to respond quickly and communicate clearly if an incident strikes. And Logos Capital knows the best tech for the job. We are proud to partner with a safety...

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Global Agenda

Logos Capital strives to ensure that its global focus on impact investing is aligned with the  UN Sustainable Development Goals – a framework of 17 goals to tackle social and environmental challenges and transform our world. The SDGs are part of a breakthrough global agreement called the...

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